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Multi-Unit Healthcare

BrileySolutions has extensive background working with multi-unit healthcare businesses. We understand the challenges of working in these unique models that combine clinical practice and product/service sales within a retail setting. BrileySolutions is ideally suited to provide training and talent development support for healthcare businesses with multiple locations, such as:

  - Chiropractic               - Podiatry

  - Dental                        - Veterinary 

  - Dermatology              - Vision

  - Hearing                      - Weight Loss

  - Physical Therapy       - and others


We recognize the needs for these businesses to provide exceptional patient care and experience, with efficient operations and customer focus. BrileySolutions can help create training and development programs that support the breadth and depth of your business and staff needs. 

  • Onboarding & Orientation

  • Patient/Customer Experience

  • Operational Processes

  • Selling Skills

  • Product Knowledge

  • Clinical/Technical Skills

  • Industry Knowledge

  • Apprenticeship/Licensing Prep

  • Continuing Education

  • Managed Care

  • Appointment Scheduling

  • Technology/Systems

  • Office Management

  • Field Management

  • Store Visits

  • Provider & Staff Relations

  • Performance Management

  • And more...

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