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Personal Resilience

Paul Briley is certified to administer and train for the Resilience Alliance Personal Resilience Profile assessment tool.

In today’s challenging environment, learning about your unique resilience characteristics can be an important tool to help you navigate disruptions in your life. Contact me today to schedule your Personal Resilience Profile assessment and individual training session. 

What is resilience? Based on a great deal of research and observation of people going through change, we have identified a set of characteristics that help people use their adaptation energy more effectively. We think of these characteristics as “change muscles.” We believe that everyone has the ability to apply and develop each one. Just as certain physical muscles are stronger in some people than others, people differ in the strength of their resilience muscles. And, just as regular exercise will strengthen physical muscles, so resilience muscles can be strengthened through practice. When a change muscle is weak, it can certainly still be used, but the person must apply more effort to get the same result as a person who has developed greater strength in that area.   © 2018, Resilience Alliance, all rights reserved.

The Personal Resilience Profile


The Personal Resilience Profile provides insight into an individual’s resilience strengths and weaknesses, based on responses to a 75-item online questionnaire and comparisons to a database of over 70,000 individuals. Results can also be compiled and summarized for groups, departments, and organizations.

Learn more about Resilience Alliance and their research, visit their site.

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